Rambling Rows Afghan

Reprinted seven times, you’ll love this mitered pattern written in three sizes. Seamless, yet magically the 55 component parts are simply knit together. Can be knit with stash or five planned colors. Use circular or straight needles.

R16 Rambling Rows Afghan

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ranbling_rows4 ranbling_rows5
Beautiful Rambling Rows Afghan. The knitter is Nina Saulic.

Beautiful Rambling Rows Afghan. The knitter is Nina Saulic.

“Have a Rambling Rows Afghan on the needles for a grandson—I do one for each grandchild before they go to college. Love your patterns.”
~ Betty S., Camillus, NY

“I’m hoping to be a great-grandma someday. Then I’ll knit the Rambling Rows Afghan, baby sized in pastels and Babies & Bears—wonderful patterns.”
~ Linda, Mosherville, MI

“I swear by the Wallaby and have knit Rambling Rows Afghans for all the college-bound grands. I have another to go this year.”
~ Betty S., Camillus, NY”

“I just finished doing a Rambling Rows Afghan and I can’t recall ever having so mush fun doing anything I just turned 80 last month and have been knitting at least 65 years. I usually go from one thing to another, but am starting another afghan right away.”
~ Georgia, Tennessee

“Just finished the Rambling Rows Afghan and today picked up my Iowa Crew/Cruise Sock pattern. The projects are fun to knit and make interesting reading.”
~ Nancy S. (email)

“I had to add another Rambling Rows Afghan workshop, because so many want to make it.”
~ Shop owner, Janet S., Melrose, MA

“I’m on my umpteenth Rambling Rows Afghan and just love doing them, even at 89 years of age. Thanks for the hours of fun.”
~ Louise, Kamloops, BC, Canada”