The Grabbit

This article has multiple uses; a knitting bag, a multi-use baby gift (lays flat like a blanket or becomes a bag), or a family stash bag for those last minute items to pack before leaving the house! Begin knitting on 12 center stitches and increase until work becomes a 36” square. Finish with 1-Cord.

R13 The Grabbit

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)

grabbit2 grabbit

“I’ve just finished The Grabbit, and the next one is already on the needles. This is the very best carry-around project—until it gets too big, that is!”
~ Susan, Somers, WI

“Our customers love “The Grabbit,” a great project.”
~ Libby, Shop owner, Holland, MI

“My Wonderful Wallaby and Grabbit patterns are about worn out. Please send me a list so I may order. Your works are a real treasure trove of hints that are presented in a way even a beginner can understand and the best part is the feeling of sitting down with a friend for an evening of knitting and chatting”
~ Pat W., Neneveh, IN