Babies & Bears Sweater

Knitters report that new mothers love this sweater. It is seamless, unisex, has dolman sleeves and a garter stitch hood. Newborn to 36 months (or teddy bears of similar sizes). Use worsted weight yarn, knit on double point and circular needles.

R09 Babies & Bears Sweater

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)

babies-bears-new-frontPictured above, size 12-18 months babies-bears-new-backPictured above, size 12-18 months
babies-bears1 babies-bears2
babies-bears3 babies-bears4
babies-bears7 babies-bears6

“Since Babies and Bears Sweater pattern came out, I’ve knit probably one hundred, could be more! I did fifteen this summer alone.”
~ Donna S., Columbus, WI

“I don’t know how many times I’ve knit the Babies & Bears Sweater for babies—at least eight times. It is such a neat pattern.
~ Carol M., Webster, NY