Lillie’s Little Sweater

This lovely sweater is written in doll-size for 36 months. Use worsted weight yarn and knit top down, beginning with a caplike hood. Use straight and circular, plus dp’s needles for sleeves. The yoke is raglan shaped. Techniques include a simple button-hole, short rows, picking up stitches, minimal finishing – a good pattern for an advanced beginner or a shop class.

R26 Lillie’s Little Sweater

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“I’ve just completed Lillie’s Little Sweater. I sat and just stared at it when finished. I couldn’t believe it—no finishing of seams or anything else. What a joy!”
~ Ellen D., Ridge, NY

Lillie’s Little Sweater pattern is one of your best. I’ve made two models in DK weight yarn. My customers love the simplicity of the pattern.”
~ Jane L, Yarn Shop Owner, Columbus, OH

“One of my instructors came back with Lillie’s Little Sweater pattern and I thought I MUST have these patterns. They are BEAUTIFUL!! Your presentation and attention to detail are like no other.”
~ Diane, Shop Owner, Summerfield, FL

“I just finished two Lillie’s Little Sweaters for great-grandkids.”
~ Valerie S., Kingston, MA

Shop owner Diane H., Summerfield, Florida, e-mailed, “One of my instructors showed me her Lillie’s Little Sweater. I must have these patterns—your presentation and attention to detail are like no other.”

“I tell everyone about your patterns. I think I’ve knitted Lillie’s Little Sweater seven times!”
~ Sherrill K., Utica, NY