Rialey’s Four-Seasons Pullover and Cap

This unisex pull-over is knit from the top down. Rolled collar and cuffs and a choice of four two-color designs placed “Charlie Brown style,” around the belly, makes for a fun sweater to knit and “cute as a button” to wear. Worsted weight yarn. Sizes 2-10.

R27 Rialey’s Four-Seasons Pullover and Cap

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Rialeys_four_seasonss1 Rialeys_four_seasonss2

“I just love Rialey’s Sweater. It is my favorite for children. I didn’t know two-color knitting could be so much fun.”
~ Kathy B., Roseville, MI

“Your instructions are so easy to follow. I’ve used the Wisconsin WinterSocks and Rialey’s Four-Seasons Pullover the most.”
~ Bernie A., Richfield, MN

“Thanks for wonderful patterns. I’ve knit Lillie’s Little Sweater four times plus most of your other patterns. Looking forward to knitting Rialey’s Sweater.”
~ Carolyn K., Chicago, IL