Caps (and More!) for the Gals

Well, not necessarily for the gals, because many of the designs are unisex. The “More” part is five matching scarves and two matching pairs for mittens. Sizes range from infant to adult. Materials: mostly worsted, one set is bulky.

R32 Caps (and More!) for the Gals

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)

gals_caps_3 gals_caps_1
gals_caps_2 gals_caps_4

“I love your patterns and consider them among the very best in my collection. The patterns in Caps for the Gals will be knitted over and over again. Very few people can explain knitting as clearly as you do!”
~ Jane L., Austin, TX

“I’ve enjoyed your patterns so much and would like to order Caps for the Gals.
~ Charlyn B., Caledonia, NY

“I think my favorite pattern is Anja’s cap and mittens—so easy—what a great stitch pattern.”
~ Barbara W. (email)

“My nieces and nephews all want me to knit ‘Anja’s cap’ for them.  So warm – so mod!”
~ Jean C., Philadelphia, PA