Caps for Kids & Grownups Too

Here is a new slant on “knitting a two-color design.” I’ve found that by simply adjusting the number of total stitches in a pattern, one’s “pattern stitch” will “move left or right.” And it is fun! Pattern includes four cap designs, two tote bags and a pillow. Sizes include Children’s Small to Adult Extra-Large.

R34 Caps for Kids & Grownups Too

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)

caps_for_kids1 caps_for_kids2
tote_bag tote_bag2

“I’d like to order Caps for Kids and Grownups, Too.”
~ Mary B., Rochester, NY

“I love your patters and consider them among the very best in my collection of knitting books.  The patterns in Caps for the Gals will be knitted over and over again. Very few people can explain knitting as clearly as you do.”
~ Jane L., Austin, TX

“I’ve enjoyed your patterns so much and would like to order Caps for the Gals.”
~ Charlyn B., Caledonia, NY

“I need two of these.  I’d be lost without your wonderful patterns.”
~ Marjorie S., Mebane, NC

Brenda of Carthage, NY, ordered Caps for Kids and Grownups Too and commented, “I love your patterns and have most of them. You make them so easy to follow and fun to knit.”

“Send Caps for Kids and Grownups.  Many thanks—I love your patterns.”
Sandy S., Garden Grove, CA