Handgear for the Family

Handgear for the Family. Knit rolled cuff gloves, mittens, or wresters for everyone you know! All are knit of worsted weight yarn–use stash, variegated or even hand-painted yarn. Pattern features an easy peasant gusset.

R35 Handgear for the Family

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)



Love your patterns—always look forward to the new ones. Send Handgear for the Family.”
~ Mary G., Baldwinsville, NY

“I want two dozen Handgear patterns—perfect Christmas gifts for my knitting friends.”
~ Jane L., Austin, TX

“I’ve just got to have two more (Handgear for the Family and Carol’s Cowls) of your patterns. I love them!”
Mattie P., Logan, UT

“I love, love, love the thumb in your Handgear pattern—have knit several mittens and a number of fingerless mitts.”
Kristi P., United Kingdom

Along with her order for Handgear for the Family, Lois H, Stevenville, MI, wrote, “I’ve never knit gloves, so your new pattern intrigues me. Hopefully you’ll make me want to knit them for our family’s Christmas next year.”