Scandinavian Caps for the Guys

Eleven designs, several classical, others easier, none are difficult! You never carry more than two colors at a time or carry a second color more than five stitches. Knit at 6 sts = 1” using sport weight yarn.

R31 Scandinavian Caps for the Guys

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)


scandanavian_hat-guys3 scandanavian_hat-guys2
caps_for_guys2 caps_for_guys3
caps_for_guys4 caps_for_guys6

“Scandinavian Caps for Guys is an amazing pattern…I need to order a dozen more.”
~ Lois, Shop Owner, Allyn, WA

“I taught a stranded knitting class using your Scandinavian Caps for the Guys.  One of my students went on to knit them for her entire staff. All the advice provided really helped to make the knitting less intimidating.”
~ Aldona, Shop owner, Freeport, ME

“Can’t wait to see Scandinavian Caps for Guys. My customers love your patterns. When they find out they don’t have to sew seams at the end of the project, cheers ring out!”
~ Beth S., Shop owner, Waynesboro, PA