Sven & Solveig Scandinavian Knitted Friends

Use sport weight yarn and dp needles. The 14” duo wear two-color sweaters knit directly onto their body. Seamless, minimal finishing!

R01 Sven & Solveig Scandinavian Knitted Friends

Cottage Creations first pattern, Sven Scandinavian, published in 1983, has enjoyed renewed popularity, due to Lori Ann Graham. Little Svens and Solveig are being knitted all over the world, from Iceland to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)

Sven and Solveig

“I’ve just finished Sven Scandinavian—no way I’m giving him away! This was the most fun I’ve had with a knitting project and I used up lots of yarn.”
~ Frances G., Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

“Finally, after 13 years of putting it off, starting and stopping, I finally made Sven Scandinavian. He’s gorgeous! And now I consider myself somewhat of an expert knitter.”
~ Leslie, Farmington, ME

“I really do not like knitting toys, but something about Sven and the construction was pure magic. I LOVED knitting him, and am thrilled that others do too. Of course it’s all in the lovely pattern, and I’m so grateful to you for making it. And now I’m knitting Solveig as well.
~ Lori Ann Graham (Google loritimesfive on Instagram to see her interpretation of the patterns!)

“I’ve been busy knitting my standard baby gift, Babies & Bears Sweater, and now an ‘Alaskan’ Sven Scandinavian. My first-born Sven was kidnapped by my college bound daughter.”
~ Grace, Kodiak, AK

After recovering from the flu, a knitter writes, “I can’t remember enjoying the flu, but I did this year. A friend loaned me her Sven Scandinavian pattern and I knit while getting better.”
~ Arolyn, N. Whitefield, ME

“Your patterns are great. I’ve knit nine Sven Scandinavians and three Rambling Rows Afghans. You provide a service to all of us happy knitters.”
~ Dorothy, New Hope, MN