DRESSY “One Row” ZIG ZAG SCARF with I-Cord Edge

Materials: This design is most effective if you choose a self-striping fingering weight yarn. And I know that to be true because I’ve used a lovely alpaca solid and the results are blah. I personally like the 80” scarf, because it can be knotted.

2 skeins sock yarn (462 yds) = 72” scarf
or 3 skeins Koigu (522 yds) = 80” scarf
or 1 skein specialty yarn, such as Biscotti (425 yds) = 50”
#3 straight or circular or dpns – if you use stoppers at ends


dpns = double point needles
K = knit
K2tog = Knit 2 together
KFB = Knit front and back of stitch (an increase)
P = purl
pm = place marker
st(s) = stitch or stitches

Directions are for a 4” wide scarf. Numbers in ( ) will make a 5” wide.
Cast on 45 (58) sts. (pattern st is 13 + 6)
Set-up row: K3, pm *K13, pm, repeat from * until 3 sts remain, pm, K3.

Pattern Stitch (slip markers as you come to them)
K3, *K5, K2tog, K5, KFB, repeat from* until 3 sts remain, slip last 3 sts as if to P, one at time.
Note: You can play with design by experimenting with other weights of yarn and different size needles.