Big Sven Sveater

A great sweater to knit for a first time knitting venture into stranded knitting. One piece construction featuring a mock turtle neck. Size 2 to Extra-Large Adult

R07 Big Sven Sveater

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)


“I adore your patterns and plan to teach the Big Sven Sveater as a class in my shop. Keep up the great work.”
~ Erin, Hamburg, NY

“I’ve made a beautiful Big Sven Sveater—off/white background with burgundy, forest green and black for the pattern. I’ve always been more of a quilter, but I think knitting has become my favorite.”
~ Mary, Pennelville, NY

“Thank you for your wonderful Big Sven Sveater pattern. My very first one is now blocking on the dining room table. Thank you especially for your instructions on short row shaping. I’ve been knitting for over twenty years and these are the clearest instructions I’ve encountered. Thanks also for the neck ribbing idea—how simple and how perfect.”
~ Anne, Virginia