Kyler’s Kardigan

a.k.a. “a Topdown Wonderful Wallaby Cardigan” in sizes for the whole family. Knit from worsted weight yarn and beginning at the neck, this Garter Stitch sweater may sport either a zipper or buttons

R29 Kyler’s Kardigan

$8.00 (US Shipping $2 per pattern, International $3 per pattern)


kylers_cardigan2 kylers_cardigan3
To the left, Carol’s
great-granddaughter, Isla,
in a Kyler’s Kardigan.

“I’m so excited to see Kyler’s Kardigan. Just weeks ago we were working out just how to steek the Wonderful Wallaby to make a cardigan—now we can just enjoy the fruits of your labor.”
~ Jane R., Nekoosa, WI

“I just finished a Kyler’s Kardigan and I love it. You have great patterns.
Jeannie, Shop Owner, Drummond Island, MI

“Thanks for what looks to be my newest favorite pattern (Handgear for the Family). My current favorite is Kyler’s Kardigan that awaits a zipper and packaging up for a great niece.”
~ Debra A., White Bear, MI

“I’ve knitted over two hundred Kyler’s Kardigan since I first discovered the pattern and everyone that I’ve knit it for falls in love with their sweater.”
~ Karin H., e-mail

“Just finished Babies & Bears and Kyler’s Kardigan and I’m on my 25th Wonderful Wallaby. Your patterns are great!
~ Mary, Duluth, MN